Creature Comforts sitting and such!
Barrie Lynn
Pet sitting is an ideal pet care solution for many types of pets when owners must be away from home. Because pets are not moved to a boarding facility, they stay in their own home, maintaining their own schedule which elimenates a lot of stress for senior dogs, cats, bunnies, birds and pocket pets. Because an experienced, professional pet sitter is making visits to your home while you are away, your house retains the appearance of someone living there. Mail, newspapers and packages are brought in at each visit and lights, shades, etc. can be aletered from visit to visit.

I became a pet sitter almost twenty years ago first because I genuinely love animals and second because I saw a real need for it as an option in Lexington. I am commited to providing the best quality care for all of my clients, both creatures and their owners. I have found that dogs really do require three visits a day to prevent stress and boredom. It is important to me that animals are happy and healthy in my care so I almost never agree to fewer than three daily visits for dogs or less than one visit a day for cats.

Please set aside a half an hour as far in advance of when you will need a pet sitter as possible to go over the New Client and Veterinary Release forms, so that I can become familiar with your pet(s) your normal routines, eccentricities of the house and to make sure you are comfortable entrusting your home and pet(s) to my care. I do this because I love ceatures. People are creatures too so it is important to me that you and your pets are comfortable with me.

All visits are between thirty and forty-five minutes with pricing beginning at fourteen dollars a visit. Exercise options for dogs include walking; playing in a fenced yard and depending on the location, a visit to a dog park.