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Barrie Lynn
Creature Comforts dog training utilizes the most fun, kind, current, dog and people friendly methods.

I began training my own dogs as a teenager interested in competition obedience and providing pet therapy in facilities in which my mother was the Nursing Home Obudsman, fostering rescue dogs and mentoring the Fayette County 4-H Dog Club, then progressed to working for Stonnie Dennis at Cabin Creek Kennel. I have competed in obedience, agility and disc dog sports. I have attended many dog training seminars, including Susan Garrett's Advances In Dog Training and Clicker Expo. I am about to commence a third round of Susan Garrett's online course Five Minute Formula to Recall Brilliance, communicate online regularly with Grisha Stewart, recieved an acknowledgement in her new book about Behavioral Adjustment Training (BAT), which I became interested in as a tool to help my own, fearful Australian Cattle Dog, Bonanza Jellybean and have used successfully to help a number of other dogs, from an English Mastiff to a Chihuahua.

All training begins with a free consultation so that owners may share their concerns and I can get an overall picture of the situation. Following the consultation, Creature Comforts offers private lessons as well as day training for owners who just do not have the time to do the necessary number of repetitions to solidify a pattern of good behavior with their dog.